Case Results

$4,500,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Accident

A 31 year old male off duty police sergeant was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street. He sustained a fractured skull with bleeding of the brain and underwent a surgical craniectomy. He also fractured his lower leg and had surgery during which a plate and screws were inserted. The case settled within... continue reading.

$3,000,000 Settlement for Bus Accident

A woman in her late 20s was stepping onto a New York City bus in Queens when the bus driver closed the doors on her and drove the bus for a short distance with her stuck between the doors. The woman did not realize she was hurt and did not report the accident. The bus... continue reading.

$2,250,000 Settlement for Product’s Liability

A man in his early 40s was doing chin-ups in a public park and the bar broke which caused him to fall to the ground. The man fractured his neck and underwent surgery during which a plate was inserted. The client was not able to return to work because of his injuries. The case settled... continue reading.

$1,600,000 Construction Accident

A construction worker was standing on a wooden scaffold which broke causing him to fall to the ground. He fractured his wrist and lower leg and underwent surgery with insertion of a plate and screws to both areas. He was in his late 40’s and was not able to return to work after the accident... continue reading.

$800,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

A woman in her 30s from Queens was stopped at a gas station getting gas when a truck backed into her vehicle. She sustained a herniated disc in her lower back and underwent a percutaneous discectomy surgical procedure. She also had a torn meniscus in her knee and underwent arthroscopic surgery. There was one million... continue reading.

$735,000 for Premises Liability

Our client, a man in his 50s, was driving his vehicle on black ice in Staten Island when another car struck him in the rear and only had insurance coverage of $10,000. The client had two herniated discs in his neck for which he underwent spinal fusion surgery. We pursued a claim against a storage... continue reading.

$637,000 for Construction Accident

A man in Brooklyn was performing demolition work on the roof of a three story building when the ledge he was standing on broke and he fell 25 feet to the ground. We obtained a judgement against the owner of the building by asking the court to hold them responsible for the accident under the... continue reading.

$600,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

A man and his wife were passengers in a taxi cab which drove into a work truck which was legally parked in the left lane on first avenue in Manhattan. The man broke his jaw and the woman had lacerations and scarring of her forehead. The taxi had $200,000 in insurance coverage which they offered... continue reading.

$495,000 for Elevator Misleveling Accident

A woman from Brooklyn who worked as a cleaning lady at the World Trade Center was on an elevator which did not stop level with the floor causing her to trip and fall. She tore the cartilage in her knee and underwent a surgical procedure. Through investigation we located a woman who had been on... continue reading.

$475,000 for Premises Liability

A woman was shopping for shoes in a major department store in Manhattan. She was standing on a platform looking at shoes on display and took a step backward not realizing that there was a step down of 9 inches to a lower level of the floor. From the fall she fractured her hip and... continue reading.

$450,000 for Elevator Accident

A man from Brooklyn in his 20’s was traveling in the elevator in the apartment building where he lived when the elevator abruptly stopped between floors causing him to lose his balance and fall to the floor of the elevator. He tore the ligaments in his wrist which was surgically repaired. The superintendent of the... continue reading.

$310,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

A 52 year old woman from Manhattan while driving her car was struck by another car as a result of a defective traffic control device. Both drivers had a green traffic light. The woman was in a coma for 5 days and had a herniated disc.... continue reading.

$300,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

A man from Brooklyn was driving a car owned by his uncle. His wife was seated in the front passenger seat. The man lost control while driving the vehicle, the vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree causing the demise of his wife. The man had three young children, ages 1, 3, and 5.... continue reading.

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