Product's Liability

About Product Liability Lawsuits and How Our NYC Product Liability Attorneys Can Help

Product liability lawsuits regarding defective products typically arise when an individual suffers some sort of injury as a result of using a product for ordinary purposes. For example, if an espresso machine explodes on an individual while that individual is using the machine for the sole purpose of brewing espresso coffee, then that person could possibly have a convincing argument to sue the espresso machine manufacturer for product liability.  In such a case, our NYC product liability lawyers can help determine whether or not you have the grounds to sue for product liability and defective product issues, and, if so, develop a legal strategy that is designed to help you win your product liability claim.

Do I Have the Grounds to Pursue a Product Liability Lawsuit? 

In general, there are three distinct types of product liability claims regarding defective products:

Defectively-Manufactured Products

An individual can sue a manufacturer for product liability if a product unit purchased is manufactured differently and defectively compared to other units of the same model. In the espresso machine example above, if a batch of espresso machine units of a particular model comes with a wiring issue that causes the machine to catch on fire during the brewing process—and therefore not designed according to approved product specifications—then an espresso machine from that defective production batch would be considered defectively manufactured.  If a customer used the defective machine and suffered injuries during use, then that individual could bring a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer with the help of product liability lawyers.

Defectively-Designed Products

An individual could also initiate a product liability lawsuit if there are design flaws with a particular product that—despite being uniformly made to a manufacturer’s specifications—is still defective in some way. Using the espresso machine example again, if all espresso machines of a particular model—rather than a small, defective group of machines—are defectively designed so that each machine causes severe heat burns if used, then a user who purchases that model espresso machine could also file a product liability lawsuit.

Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions

Finally, product liability lawsuits can arise if a manufacturer has not adequately provided warnings or instructions necessary to help customers avoid injury while using the product. These types of claims, called “failure-to-warn” claims, are necessary to ensure that customers are using products correctly and safely. For example, if an espresso machine manufacturer sells a line of products that do not include instructions for proper use, a customer could file a product liability lawsuit if he or she was injured using the machine in a way that could have been avoided had the warnings or instructions been provided.

How our NYC Product Liability Lawyers Can Help

In the state of New York, a plaintiff has up to three years from the date of injury to file a product liability lawsuit. If you have sustained unexpected injuries from a product you purchased, you may have the grounds to file a product liability lawsuit and collect damages. Defective products can lead to serious consequences for the unsuspecting product user, ranging from long-term physical damage, mental anguish, and even property damage. Contact The Law Offices of Robert Flaster today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our NYC product liability lawyers.  Our experienced and compassionate product liability lawyers will analyze your situation and the facts behind your product liability incident, and help you determine whether you have the grounds to initiate a successful product liability lawsuit.