Flaster Law Case Results

$495,000 for Elevator Misleveling Accident

A woman from Brooklyn who worked as a cleaning lady at the World Trade Center was on an elevator which did not stop level with the floor causing her to trip and fall. She tore the cartilage in her knee and underwent a surgical procedure. Through investigation we located a woman who had been o...continue reading.

$475,000 for Premises Liability

A woman was shopping for shoes in a major department store in Manhattan. She was standing on a platform looking at shoes on display and took a step backward not realizing that there was a step down of 9 inches to a lower level of the floor. From the fall she fractured her hip an...continue reading.

$450,000 for Elevator Accident

A man from Brooklyn in his 20’s was traveling in the elevator in the apartment building where he lived when the elevator abruptly stopped between floors causing him to lose his balance and fall to the floor of the elevator. He tore the ligaments in his wrist which was surgically repaired. The superintendent of th...continue reading.