$3,000,000 Settlement for Bus Accident

Posted by Robert A. Flaster

A woman in her late 20s was stepping onto a New York City bus in Queens when the bus driver closed the doors on her and drove the bus for a short distance with her stuck between the doors. The woman did not realize she was hurt and did not report the accident. The bus driver denied the accident had occurred. Three years after the accident our law firm prepared and distributed 2,000 flyers with a color picture of the client and a description of the accident throughout her apartment complex. This resulted in a man contacting us who was actually on the bus and saw her accident take place. The witness testified at the trial, the jury believed the witness and found that the accident did take place and that the bus driver was responsible. The client had a herniated disc in her neck and underwent a surgical procedure with insertion of a plate. The client also had torn cartilage in her shoulder for which she underwent arthroscopic surgery. The case settled during the damage portion of the trial.

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