New York Crane Safety Tips to Avoid Occupational injuries

Posted by Robert A. Flaster

Given New York City steady construction activity, cranes have become a common sight on NYC’s visual landscape. In fact, according to U.S. Census records from 2012, nearly 27,000 new building permits were issued for new construction projects in the New York City metro area! Unfortunately, cranes are among the riskiest pieces of construction industry machinery to operate, and can cause serious NY construction accidents if not used properly. In mid-December 2013, a crane in Mineola, NY toppled onto a nearby building due to an inadequate support bed. Although no injuries resulted from the accident, this NY crane accident underscores the underlying risks crane operators and coworkers face every day on construction worksites. If you or someone you know suffered occupational injuries or was hurt on the job as a result of a crane accident, contact the best NY injury lawyers of Robert A. Flaster P.C. to help determine wheth-er you have a possible crane safety claim.

New York Crane Safety Tips to Avoid Worksite Occupational Injuries

Before you operate a crane for your current or future projects, it is important to review important New York crane safety tips to help you avoid occupational injuries resulting from crane safety issues. Because cranes are complex to operate, following these New York crane safety tips will not only help you avoid possible occupational injuries, but will also help you protect others from suffering occupational injuries as well.

– Regularly read your crane manual or rules on a weekly or monthly basis to refresh your memory about crane safety techniques and complex operational maneuvers.
– Make sure to use the correct sling when lifting a load, as failing to do so could lead to insecurely-fastened loads and cause serious or even lethal occupational injuries.
– Check your crane hook to make sure it is operational and functional. If not, discard it and replace it with a more functional hook immediately to avoid possible occupational injuries.
– When doing welding-related activities, never expose your chain to sources of heat. This could weaken the strength of your chain and security of your load, leading to serious and even lethal occupational in-juries.
– Never lift people with a hoist, as this could greatly increase the risk of inflicting occupational injuries. Instead, lift only objects or loads that your crane is designed to handle.
– Never get help to lift something with a chain block attached. If the chain block cannot handle the load its trying to lift, do not attempt to lift it.
– Never leave a suspended load unattended or in limbo, as this is your responsibility.

How Our NY Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Occupational Injuries Claim

If you or someone you know sustained serious occupational injuries or death from a NYC crane accident case, contact the NY injury lawyers at Robert A. Flaster P.C. Our experienced NY injury lawyers are very experienced in the area of New York crane safety tips and NY crane safety law, and will research the facts of your case and relevant laws to determine whether you have a potential NY crane safety claim based on your occupational injuries. If we do find you have a possible NYC crane safety claim, our NY injury lawyers will work with you to craft a legal strategy that will give your claim the strongest chance for succeeding in court.

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