How New York Scaffold Safety Law Debate Will Affect Clients of NY Injury Lawyers

Posted by Robert Flaster on February 11, 2014

A few months ago, the New York Times posted an article about New York’s longstanding Scaffold Law.  Enacted in the 1880s to safeguard construction site workers from injuries during the advent of skyscraper construction, NY’s scaffold safety law places the burden of responsibility on contractors and construction companies to ensure that scaffolds, hoists and other aboveground building construction devices be provided to give proper protection to aboveground building construction workers.

New York Crane Safety Tips to Avoid Occupational injuries

Posted by Robert Flaster on February 4, 2014

Given New York City steady construction activity, cranes have become a common sight on NYC’s visual landscape. In fact, according to U.S. Census records from 2012, nearly 27,000 new building permits were issued for new construction projects in the New York City metro area! Unfortunately, cranes are among the riskiest pieces of construction industry machinery to operate, and can cause serious NY construction accidents if not used properly. In mid-December 2013, a crane in Mineola, NY toppled onto a nearby

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Tips For Handling Winter Weather and Driving Conditions to Avoid NY Car Accidents

Posted by Robert Flaster on February 3, 2014

Although the holiday season is coming to a close, the winter weather season has just begun.  Unfortunately for car drivers, a simple storm involving snow, rain or sleet can severely impact weather and driving conditions and lead to possible NY car accidents.  Although many drivers recognize the dangers associated with inclement weather and driving conditions, negligent driving can still occur in the presence of dangerous weather elements. In fact, recent studies by the Federal Highway Administration have found that almost

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How State Law Addresses The Dangers of NY Texting and Driving

Posted by Robert Flaster on December 5, 2013

Due to the rising popularity of smartphones, it is not uncommon to spot drivers texting on their iPhones, making calls on their Blackberries or looking up directions on their Android phones. One of the major concerns arising from cell phone use on the road is texting and driving. Federal studies have shown that 11% of drivers aged 18-20 who were involved in a car accident and survived said they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed, while university studies

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