$735,000 for Premises Liability

Posted by Robert A. Flaster

Our client, a man in his 50s, was driving his vehicle on black ice in Staten Island when another car struck him in the rear and only had insurance coverage of $10,000. The client had two herniated discs in his neck for which he underwent spinal fusion surgery. We pursued a claim against a storage facility located two blocks away which had permitted rain water to flow onto the roadway, through a PVC pipe, which went down the hill and ponded in the area of the accident, subsequently turning into black ice. We also pursued a claim against the City of New York for not having storm water drainage facilities in the roadway where the accident occurred. The case settled for the total sum of $735,000 – $500,000 paid by the City of New York; $225,000 paid by the storage facility, and $10,000 paid by the insurance company for the motor vehicle.