$1,200,000 for Construction Accident

Posted by Robert A. Flaster

A man in his 30‘s was working on the roof of a building under construction. A crane was
lowering a large heavy bag to the roof. As the client was detaching the bag the crane lifted up
causing his hand to be caught between the crane straps and the large bag. The client was lifted
into the air and he pulled his hand so it came out of the straps and he fell to the roof. But in
doing so, palt 0f 3 Of his fingers were detached from his hand. The Judge agreed with our firm
that the manager of the construction site was 100% responsible for this accident because they did
not make sure that the crane did not lift up until the client’s hand was safely removed from inside
the straps. The case settled just before the beginning 0ftria1 to determine the value of his injuries.