Personal Injury Law Firm Nassau County NY

After 30 Years of practice, Robert A Flaster PC proudly holds many successful cases and clients. In fact, most of our personal injury clients come from referrals former clients have made to their friends and family members living in Nassau County and the surrounding area. At Robert A Flaster PC, we care about our client’s cases and want to help you now. 

Suffering through a terrible personal injury in the Nassau County area does not mean you must handle matters alone. We here at Robert A Flaster PC believe that those who are injured due to the negligence of another can benefit from our personal injury services in having their rights observed and their owed-compensation received. 

Here at Robert A Flaster PC, we represent individuals who have been hurt by the fault of another in the Nassau County area. With 30 Years of experience, we can both explain the legal process for our clients and provide information through every step of their personal injury cases. We have a reputation among clients in the Nassau County area for not shying from difficult cases. No matter the situation, we will work with you to find solutions to your personal injury. 

Let our team help you in the Nassau County area courts!

If you have suffered from matters related to a traumatic personal injury situation, you deserve justice. Call us at Robert A Flaster PC, (212) 349-6000 to ensure your proper representation.

Robert A Flaster PC

225 Broadway

New York, NY 10007

(212) 349-6000

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