Injury Attorney Nassau County NY

You may have received a settlement offer from an insurance company in the Nassau County area, or a defendant handling your injury case, and you may be wondering whether to accept. At Robert A Flaster PC, we know from experience when insurance companies from the Nassau County area make genuine offers, and when they are holding back. Call Robert A Flaster PC for legal guidance today. 

At Robert A Flaster PC, our goal is to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries. We know that insurance companies want to avoid paying the full amount to which one is entitled in each injury case. We have 30 Years of experience in resolving injury issues throughout the Nassau County area. Trust Robert A Flaster PC to put your needs first.

The legal professionals of Robert A Flaster PC understand that accidents happen, and we are here to help you. When someone has been negligent towards you in a certain injury situation, it is important to know your rights. With our 30 Years of experience helping the Nassau County area, we can represent your injury case to your advantage.


Contact our office at (212) 349-6000 today!

Our 30 Years of practice at Robert A Flaster PC can help ensure that your injury case is properly handled in the Nassau County area courts.

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