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As part of the training at Robert A Flaster PC, we must exceed educational requirements. Whatever be the latest cutting edge tactics in injury law, we are aware and can apply those skills to your circumstances. One of the many things we have found after 30 Years is that the people of Manhattan do not anticipate the continuing expenses they will have for their injury. Call Robert A Flaster PC to prevent making the same mistake.

The legal professionals of Robert A Flaster PC understand that if you are visiting this site, you or a loved one has likely suffered a serious personal injury in the Manhattan area. Our injury lawyers personally understand how difficult this time in your life can be, and want nothing more than to bring you and those of the Manhattan area proper representation.

The legal representation you receive at Robert A Flaster PC will give you ample time to determine a settlement goal for your Manhattan area case. We are prepared to go to trial and take extra actions in your injury case to reach your goal. With this information and our 30 Years of experience representing the Manhattan area, your injury case will receive the most effective representation possible. 

Contact our legal team at (212) 349-6000 today!

If you have suffered from injury matters, we want to represent you in the Manhattan area courts. Call us at Robert A Flaster PC to enlist our 30 Years of practice today.

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