Accident Attorney Bronx NY

Our legal professionals have successfully handled countless Accident cases in the 30 Years we have been practicing. We have handled cases for Bronx area clients ranging from car accidents to slip and fall cases. Our team at Robert A Flaster PC is ready to take on your Accident case and help you through it.

When we combine our fast paced and skilled case handling with our knowledge of the insurance industry, we, at Robert A Flaster PC, can provide each client in the Bronx area with personal attention and smart and professional legal services. We have 30 Years of legal experience in the Accident field, and we use the knowledge and litigation strategies gained in that time to get our clients the compensation they deserve. 

At Robert A Flaster PC, we are always getting new customers from the Bronx area with their questions about Accident cases and what they can expect. We tell them that, to truly understand just where they stand in their Accident case, we will sit down and go through the circumstances of the accident and any relevant details. Only after sitting down with our Bronx clients can we decide the best way to move forward. 

We at Robert A Flaster PC want to help you!

Call us at (212) 349-6000 now. If you have suffered Accident problems from another’s negligent action, you may be entitled to representation in Bronx area courts.

Robert A Flaster PC

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New York, NY 10007

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